Black EGO is dedicated to women who display their confidence through personal style and value the ability to wear the same clothes across occasions. 

We offer basic and transitional clothing that can be worn multiple ways or styled to create various looks, which allows you to wear the same outfit from work to happy hour, from the couch to on the go, and from church to chill so that you can minimize the need for separate wardrobe collections. We provide comfortable matching sets, casual dresses, basic tops and bottoms which transition well to accommodate various moods or occasions, pairs well with your existing wardrobe, and won’t quickly go out of style, so that you feel confident being authentically you in any setting.


Our mission is to empower women to always be comfortable as their authentic selves and create a safe space to explore individualism, uniqueness, and diversity in a positive and stylish way.


Our values are authenticity, individualism, love and respect.

Authenticity speaks to being genuinely yourself in an honest and true way; individualism speaks to rejecting the expectation of conforming to popular standards; love speaks to learning to embrace differences and hold them in a positive regard; respect speaks to accepting differences even when they are outside of your ideals.

These values nurture diversity, promote tolerance, and aim to help find comfort and confidence in displaying unique qualities at all times.

Brand Positioning

We are a brand of authenticity; We are honest, transparent, and want to be known for being real. That's why we continue to show realistic body types and spread positivity by urging our people to embrace differences and find beauty in perceived imperfections. We also communicate honestly to develop and maintain consumer trust. We offer clothing that can be worn nearly anywhere as the base of whatever style you create, so that you can curl up with snacks AND be the snack in the same outfit. We encourage you to stand up and let your authentic presence be known while exuding the utmost confidence at all times. Be you and operate in LOVE.

What's in a Name?

The Black EGO name came about in an organic way. We believe in empowering black people to excel when the odds are against us. So when deciding the name for the business, we wanted to include an empowering message for our people. The first thing that came to mind was a poem by Nikki Giovanni. The poem “Ego Trippin” is an anthem of black pride. The next thought contributing to the name was of a black eagle, which symbolizes strength and courage. With these things in mind, Black EGO LLC was born.

Nikki Giovanni

Photo of Nikki Giovanni retrieved from Google images.